#impartialityfail – Sunderland Council and the political tweet

Reading my twitter feed last night, amongst all the “OMG! Take That are in Sunderland” nonsense, I was surprised to see this tweet, retweeted by Sunderland Council’s official account:

Yes, that is a ‘labourwin’ hashtag on the end of that.   I wasn’t the only one to notice, and within a few minutes, three people had replied, and questioned the fact the City Council had RT’d a ‘political’ tweet.

Funnily enough, the tweet was  deleted from the City Council’s timeline shortly afterwards, with no acknowledgement that a mistake had been made.

I say mistake, as I’m charitable enough to believe it probably was mistake, with the City Council spotting a tweet which sought to associate them with the Take That gig, and RT’ing it. But if councils are going to engage on twitter – and I think they should – then surely it’s not too much to ask that they read all 140 characters before they RT? In the meantime, whoever runs the Council’s twitter account might want to read this.

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