Vel’oh from Luxembourg..!

Vel'oh!How do you like my new wheels?   We spent this weekend in Brussels and Luxembourg, having managed to get some cheap Eurostar tickets.   I’d been to Brussels before, but Luxembourg was new territory, and I have to say I really enjoyed it.  Luxembourg City doesn’t have a tram or metro system (though there are plans for a new tram line) so to get around, we used their excellent Vel’Oh! scheme.

The concept’s the same as the more famous Paris Velib scheme.  You pick up a bike from one of several locations in the City, and can use it for half an hour or so to get to your destination, where you drop it at another one of their bike stands.   Getting around by Vel’oh cost us about two Euros for our whole trip (you only get charged if you have the bike for longer than half an hour at a time).  They took a deposit from my credit card, but that gets refunded at the end of my seven day subscription to the scheme (if  you live in Luxembourg, there’s a yearly subscription)

Despite being hilly in parts, Luxembourg’s pretty well set-up for cycling.  There are lots of wide cycle lanes, both on and off road.  The exercise also had the useful side-effect of making me feel slightly less guily about tucking into the local cusine..!

We’re going to have to wait another year until London’s scheme is operational, though I’m disappointed to see that it looks like major rail stations won’t have stands, because of the huge demand there’d be for bikes at peak times.  I’d certainly use a bike to cycle from Waterloo East or Charing Cross to my office in Holborn, given the chance.

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